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Why You Can Breathe Easy in California

Posted by DEKRA North America on Sep 9, 2015 2:20:02 PM

Recent research has shown that reducing air pollution leads to improved respiratory function, namely in children ages 11 to 15 – a critical period of lung development. Children in recent years breathed cleaner air and had stronger lungs compared to those who were studied two decades earlier.

california, smog, air pollution, emissions, breathe easyThe improved health coincided with drastic reductions in pollution in and around Los Angeles as air quality regulators cracked down on emissions from smokestacks and tailpipes. Air quality has since improved – and continues to improve – thanks to stricter emissions rules for cars, trucks, ships and factories.

Because California has struggled with poor air quality for years, the state requires a smog check on most vehicles older than six model years once every two years, or once a year if your vehicle is tagged as a high-polluting vehicle. If you do not abide by this law, you cannot legally drive your car in California.

It’s laws like this one that are drastically helping to improve the health of California residents. With required regular smog checks, emissions are kept under control. These inspections measure the amount of gases and other byproducts coming from your car, such as particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide, to make sure they’re at acceptable levels, thus minimizing the risk of damaging people’s lungs.

Thanks to numerous smog check stations around the state, you can breathe easy in California. DEKRA’s stations smog test cars, RVs, and diesel vehicles as required by the state and are STAR Certified "TEST ONLY" stations, which means that they focus exclusively on providing fast, efficient smog checks.

So, for the sake of you, your family, and everyone around you, abide by the law and get your vehicle inspected! The environment thanks you.

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