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Safer pedestrians make safer roads

Posted by DEKRA North America on Dec 10, 2015 11:11:48 PM
Strategies for safer raods 

Vision Zero, the multi-national road traffic safety project, provides real and practical strategies to eliminate traffic fatalities and serious injuries.

Bob Dallas, former director of the Georgia Governor's Office of Highway Safety, recently shared his point of view on pedestrian safety: "As humans who make mistakes, Vision Zero is our next logical step to save lives."

In his guest post in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Bob asks the question "Should human mistakes made using our roadways result in death or serious injury?" Bob and those embracing Vision Zero believe that no deaths are acceptable and eliminating all traffic fatalities and serious injuries is an attainable goal.

The main principles in Vision Zero are:

  • Ethics: Human life and health are paramount and take priority over mobility and other objectives of the road traffic system
  • Responsibility: Providers and regulators of the road traffic system share responsibility with users
  • Safety: Road traffic systems should take account of human fallibility and minimize both the opportunities for errors and the harm done when they occur; and
  • Mechanisms for change: Providers and regulators must do their utmost to guarantee the safety of all citizens; they must cooperate with road users; and all three must be ready to change to achieve safety.

Implementation of Vision Zero strategies are gaining traction not only in Europe but in Japan and the United States as well. Chicago first incorporated Vision Zero strategies in their transportation planning in 2012, and have since been joined by San Francisco, New York City, Boston, Los Angeles, Austin, San Mateo, Portland, Seattle, San Jose, Santa Barbara, and San Diego. 

To learn more, download a copy of Bob's article and visit www.DEKRA-Vision-Zero.com for an interactive map of those participating in the initiative.


Topics: Safety on the road

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