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5 reasons to choose DEKRA for your hybrid car smog check in California

Posted by DEKRA North America on Aug 7, 2015 10:03:50 AM

Until recently, the State of California did not require hybrid vehicles to undergo a smog check in order to renew their vehicle registration. Starting in April 2015, the State of California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) began issuing registration renewal notices to hybrid owners in California.bring hybrid cars to DEKRA

That’s where DEKRA comes in! Here, we’ll explain 5 ways we can help your hybrid vehicle operate more efficiently and pass inspection. 

  1. Regular Maintenance 

We’ll change your oil and filters to help your vehicle operate efficiently and increase its odds of passing the smog check. 

  1. Check for Leaks 

Low fluid levels can affect the efficiency and performance of your vehicle – which can cause a test failure – so we’ll check your hybrid vehicle for leaks.

  1. Gas Cap Check 

State regulations require that your gas cap is in place and is of the correct type for your vehicle to avoid excess evaporative emissions. Our professionals will ensure that your gas cap is correct. 

  1. Watch for Warning Lights 

The same "On Board Diagnostics" system in your vehicle that triggers the warning light is the same system that reports its information to our inspection station's computer determining if your vehicle meets state requirements, so if your vehicle's computer is triggering a "Check Engine" light, it may not pass the smog check. We’ll keep a close eye on your warning lights to avoid this. 

  1. Battery Check 

If your battery is disconnected, or if it died and needed to be jumpstarted, your vehicle's computer system fails due to a lack of data, even if your vehicle is operating properly. The experts at our stations can offer you advice and a fast, professional vehicle inspection on your hybrid vehicle. 

If you want to make sure your hybrid car is driving safely and efficiently – and will pass the smog check – have your vehicle inspected at one of our stations! 

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